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Let’s talk Hypnobirthing

When it comes to your birth there is no right way or wrong way to bring your baby into the world. Every moment should feel like an accomplishment, because you are doing something incredible! Each individual woman needs to feel at one with her mind and body. You should listen and delve deep into the mental connection; feel & trust each moment with the knowledge that your body will respond with it’s powerful, natural instincts. 

Where does Hypnobirthing come into play?

The art of relaxation throughout labour is a unquestionable tool. Not only does it assist you in allowing your mind to transform you through each stage, but it helps to educate your partner and opens up an incredible connection with you both through the labour. It allows them to be involved, understanding and comfortable with the environment and to guide you with confidence. It teaches YOU to believe in YOUR birth, and believe in your strength, whilst helping you to remain calm in the unpredictable moments that can arise during your labour. 

Positivity surrounding Hypnobirthing

Reduces pain and length of labour

Babies are calmer at birth

Fewer cases of postnatal depression

Highly beneficial for relaxing Mothers during C-Sections

Assists with helping you to relax, and encouraging birth to happen

Teaches you essential birth preparation, and helps the release of anxiety or fear

Arms you with emotional and mental strength, aiding your belief in your body and what it is designed to do

Gives you the ability to feel in control of your birth – whatever route it takes

What is included with a hypnobirthing course with Nina Parnham?

You will have four weekly sessions that are 2 hours long. You will receive a comprehensive 160 page workbook for you to practice your techniques at home.  

Homework, homework, homework!

To achieve the desired experience, Hypnobirthing requires practice, from both you and your birth partner in between classes. It is important for you to both understand the importance of the birth environment, the breathing techniques and optimum birth positioning. Practice truly does make perfect. Be dedicated, be prepared, be at one and make giving birth your greatest achievement. Nina offers intimate, one to one courses for you and your birth partner. 

Need a refresher?

If you’ve previously done your hypnobirthing course with Nina and want to refresh your skills ahead of your birth, you can book a single 2.5 hour session for you and your birth partner with Nina prior to your birth.

You can book your hypnobirthing course or refresher with Nina here.


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