Holistic Core Restore (R)

c-section safe exercise session in fitness studio


There are SO many women out there who are beautiful strangers to their own body. It’s time for your mind and body to be introduced. Educating yourself about your body is a revolutionary act; we live in fear of our own capabilities, but why? A lack of awareness, lifelong confidence battles, self motivation perhaps?

It’s time to face your fears and awaken your inner fire. Knowledge is POWER, and we need to educate ourselves to gain a life long confidence in our bodies and its abilities.


One of it’s stand out features is its accessibility and adaptability to virtually ALL women. The course uses comprehensive methods to improve pelvic floor, core and overall health. With the use of functional exercises, healing, nutrition guidance and lifestyle advice you will learn to prioritise your health and wellbeing.

Let’s address some of our common ‘lady’ issues, because we can assure you that you are not alone;

Do you experience the odd leak?

Do you have a small tummy gap that needs healing?

Do you suffer with lower back pain?

Do you want a better looking belly?

Do you have to address your pelvic floor due to low level Prolapse?

Do you want to know how to exercise safely and effectively?

Do you want to lose fat and nourish your deep health?

Do you want to reconnect to your core and become stronger?

All of these issues are addressed in our HCR ® core restore programme. It’s effective, it’s efficient and thousands of women testify that it gets results. The programme takes into account your entire core and pelvic floor health, and focuses on that vital introduction to the rest of your body. It gets everything working in unison, and not in isolation. You can’t rely solely on those ‘lift and squeeze’ pelvic floor exercises, your body needs to sing as a team and work as it was designed to do through both breathing and movement techniques. As women, we need to learn the importance of self-care in our wellness journey – it’s time to take an hour out for YOU. Let’s start strategising, prioritising and exercising our minds and bodies.

The HCR® course is a gift that keeps on giving, and one that every woman should give herself at least once in her lifetime! It’s time to ‘bring you back home’ to your amazing body.

Visit our HCR® page to find out more and book your course. Space available on our group courses, where you can join a team of like minded women and share your wellness journey. Alternatively, Nina can offer you a more intimate one on one course should this be the path you feel is right for you.


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