Be a ‘Fit for Birth’ Mama

”This may be the only antenatal class you will need to support you on your journey to motherhood”

A lot of our Mamas worry about the safety of exercise during their pregnancy, and rightly so. The journey is a precious time, and you are doing one of the most incredible, selfless jobs in the world. It is important that you remain fit throughout, and there are effective ways in which you can do so in an environment that is suited to mamas to be and the wellbeing of their pregnancy.

It’s all about TRUSTTrust in the professionals that can prepare you for one of the biggest transitions in life, and get your body birth ready. Trust that your body is more powerful than you realise, and you were made to carry this beautiful baby. Trust that there are other women out there who have the same reservations as you.

How, we hear you ask?

Trust in our highly qualified Preparation for Birth instructor Nina Parnham. You should feel confident that The Preparation for Birth classes are functional pregnancy exercise programmes that are designed to get you strong and fit for the future life you will be leading, and your birth.

This class is a blend of exercises, stretches and mobilisations to keep you moving pain free throughout the trimesters and encourage a shorter birth process. We will focus on the importance of using your core and pelvic floor and your breath which assists in your preparation for birth.

Every classes includes our unique ‘birth fit 10’ sequence, exercises designed to help bring baby into the optimal position for birthing. This works well with women who are also using hypnobirthing techniques. The class will finish with a relaxation session, to help you de-stress, connect with your body and unwind.

The fantastic thing about this course? You will not be alone. The class will welcome you warmly into a group of like minded pregnant women, and you can share this life changing experience as a hub, opening you up to a friendly environment with your confidence in mind. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, discuss your ideas, thoughts and reservations with each other and with Nina. We want this class to be a fun experience for you, whilst giving you the support and advise you may seek out throughout your pregnancy.

We encourage you to get into good habits early on in your pregnancy, so the sooner you book on the better. However it iswill always be more beneficial to start at some stage during your pregnancy rather than not at all as a strong and healthy body will aid a smoother delivery and a better recovery.

You must have had your first scan and be 12 weeks pregnant or over to begin the classes, and can attend past your due date, as long as you feel well.

NIna supports women with more complex pregnancies including diabetes and multiple pregnancy. Please check with your consultant or midwife before attending.

Visit here for prices, course dates and further information.


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