MOT’s – They Are Not Just For Your Car

”Preparing for Birth is important but what about the weeks, months, years after that?”

You will have gone through varying changes during childbirthwith each woman’s experience being different to the next. Most women do not realise just how specialist their bodies are during pregnancy and birth. Your recovery period should be just as personal to you and your body’s needs.

Introducing our Mummy MOT.

We always look after our ‘things’ in life – our cars, homes, clothes, family, pets – but you are JUST as important as everything and everyone you look after. It’s not about putting a ‘plaster’ over any issues and ignoring the whispers that your body is communicating to you. It’s time to learn about your body and its long-term health; how to maintain its recovery, strength, core and pelvic floor safely and effectively.

If you are experiencing any of the following, then our Mummy MOT consultation is perfect for you!

Difficulty knowing which exercise are safe to do

You have begun exercise but are finding that you are not getting the results you want

A weakened pelvic floor

A gap in your tummy muscles

Persistent back or pelvic pain

Heaviness in your vagina/pelvic floor

Pain or reduced mobility in any area of your body

Recovery after birthing a baby is in-depth, prescriptive and steady. Mums need an experienced professional, that they can trust, to give them the right holistic advice and programme to safely restore their body. Our highly qualified woman’s wellness educator, Nina Parnham, will carry out your full physical examination (which may include internal pelvic exam if necessary) to understand and assess what is the best form of recovery for you to undertake. We will also look at a range of remedial exercises and lifestyle factors aimed at speeding up recovery, preventing injury recurrence as well as improving posture, strength and abilities.

Conventional exercises do not always work for new Mamas, so it’s time to understand your new body and help it reconnect with your old body through adapted approaches to fitness. Nina is here to help advise you on the next steps and start the journey to feeling more positive about that beautiful ‘mum tum’ that safely carried your baby through pregnancy.

Click Here to read more about Mummy MOT and book online for your personalised 60-minute session with Nina. All programmes are tailored to your needs. This consultation is a fantastic way for Mamas to kick start their journey before joining the Holistic Core Restore (R) postnatal course. This course will provide you with a lifelong education and tools that will give you the ability to be a strong and active mum without pain, discomfort or lack of mobility, and assist in improving way you look and feel. Your journey is not a sprint, it’s about understanding your body and how to manage your rehabilitation in effective stages through encouragement and positive lifestyle changes.


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