Choose Your Story

woman walking along a path is a wide open space

How do you see your story? We each have a story and we know exactly where it starts, with a view to how we want it to unfold. The tiny optimist within us thrives off the uncertainty that life holds and the challenges that face us. We take a negative event and turn it into a life lesson that will make an unexpected appearance in our story, using it as a teaching tool and a way to improve our self-worth, confidence and capabilities. The over-riding pessimist within us wakes up every day and isn’t willing to change the path that our story is taking. Every knock we take prevents us from moving forward, filling our minds with negativity and controlling our outlook on life. These feelings consume our thoughts so there is no room for our next chapter to begin.

As women, we feed off our emotions like they are an addiction – an addiction that we know isn’t always good for us but we can’t help but be pulled back in by the way it makes us feel. It becomes an existence of acceptance, and believing that you are only worth what your life is offering you and what you are giving back.

We could place a good bet that you have very recently moaned at one of your gal pals that you’re tired, you feel fat, you’re unmotivated, you are not feeling confident in who you are. We know, because we have all done it. We have ALL got caught up in our own ‘drama triangle’ where we relentlessly punish our mind and body, and get into a cycle of negativity. As unconditional as your friends are, they do not have the capability nor the power to change your life. So, we need to start being the women that change the story we are telling on repeat.

Take a moment to think of just one negative thought that you have had about yourself today . . . .

Now, take that single negative thought and think of a way to unwind it and close this chapter you are stuck on. If you can do this daily, the wall that has been blocking your story can start to be taken down piece by piece and you can carry on creating your ending. If it’s your body confidence, find the path to get you on track through exercise and eating well. If you are tired, rest your body and nurture it. If you are unmotivated, think about what in life is not satisfying you. We need to start creating space in our minds for the good, and allow it to listen to the silence – don’t be afraid to explore. We need to take a deep breath, and listen to what our body needs instead of always relying on our head. It’s time to tune into our gut, let our natural instincts take over, listen to our heart and let it guide us towards what we love. It is important to remember that we have a higher self that can conquer our story and make it into a tale of strength, love, determination and mindfulness.

The motto that we follow at SWWC is that the foundation of happiness is good health. We automatically see good health as eating well and exercising, but good health is actually a practice. It is about your lifestyle choice, and ensuring that your mind, body and soul are working in sync with each other. You cannot be a woman of ‘good health’ simply because you look after your body, because your mind is just as vital to your overall wellbeing.

You are the only person in your life that can change the outcome of your story. Choose your path wisely, and create the ending that you deserve.


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