Five Minute Meditation for the Breath

Self Support in our modern fast paced world can be found in many ways. Breath awareness is one of them. I now consider meditation and mindfulness to be essential life support practice. My Zen Woman 7 week course helps women to find accountability and create space and time for their practice. Find out more further down my newsletter.  Please take 5 minutes now to practice this short meditation and let me know how you feel afterwards.

5 Minute Meditation Check in for Women who need Space and Time for Inward Focus.

To begin, find a comfortable position. Become aware of how your body feels in the position you have chosen. Do you need to adjust anything, maybe place a pillow under your knees or more support for your neck? . Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let your body begin to relax.

Take another breath in through your nose and as you breathe out, tune in to see what is going on in your mind, what thoughts, feelings, and emotions are there bubbling under the surface?

Exhale and relax your jaw, lower your shoulders, lift your chest up, feel your spine lengthening as you allow your neck to float up and be long. Smile with your eyes and appreciate how graceful and poised you look; remember you are a pure soul, a divine being walking this Earth.

Turn your attention to your breath and start to notice how you are breathing.

Let your breath be soft and gentle; don’t change the way you are breathing, just observe the way your breath flows in, around, and through your body.

Keep your jaw relaxed; slowly open your mouth and silently whisper the word AAAAHHHHH…. as you breathe out.

See how long you can keep going whispering AAAHHHH before you naturally start to breathe in; and on your next exhale, open your mouth a bit wider and quietly say aloud another round of AAAHHHHHHs. Repeat this three to five times and each time, allow your AAAHHHHH sound to be longer and go deeper and deeper into your body.

If you wish you can close your eyes as you meditate.

After you have done three to five rounds, remain still for a few more moments, noticing what has changed about the way you feel and observe the sensations and impressions flowing through your body and mind.

May inner peace and calm be feelings that radiate from within to outside and all around you.


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