Aqua Bump - For Pregnancy from 12-42 weeks

Aqua Bump is a water based aerobics class is the perfect class for the mum-to-be who wants to feel confident and supported when exercising. An ideal birth preparation class. Taught by experienced aqua instructor and midwife Nina Parnham, who has been teaching water fitness classes for over 18 years.

Reasons you will enjoy coming to aqua bump classes;

  • You will tone muscles giving yourself the chance to get back to pre-pregnancy weight faster, and maintain your body and keep it injury free.
  • You will learn how to work your core muscles around your tummy to manage carrying the baby in pregnancy and beyond, and have the chance to become strong to carry around all the baby paraphernalia and hold your baby whilst feeding without back and shoulder pain.
  • It is an opportunity to have time for you. Better than that though, after the session your blood will be full of endorphins which make you and baby feel good.
  • Your baby is shown to become fitter too when the mother exercises, a good reason for mummy-to-be time.
  • Aqua bump classes are designed to be low impact workouts that target strength, flexibility, movement and function for those who want a more gentle workout in the water. These aqua aerobics classes are also suitable for ladies of any age who may be rehabilitating after an operation or injury.

We use a variety of equipment these classes help to improve fitness and stamina in a safe and controlled environment. We don’t actively participate in swimming, so these classes are suitable for non-swimmers.

Aqua aerobics classes are a safe exercise for the following reasons;

  • Buoyancy and Support
  • Good for Heart Health
  • Improved Body shape
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Burns more Calories
  • Gives a full-body workout
  • The Feel Good Factor
  • Stress Relief
  • Improved sleep patterns

What you’ll need

You don’t need much to start swimming during pregnancy, but well-fitting swimwear will keep you comfortable and help you get the most out of the class.

  • A maternity swimming costume with a built-in supportive bra, and a stretchy panel to accommodate your bump. Or a bikini if you’d prefer.
  • A water bottle for the side of the pool to keep you hydrated throughout.
Class Time/s:



Available location

This session is available at TruGym

Available Options:

Aqua Bump - For Pregnancy from 12-42 weeks

  • Aqua Bump – Pregnancy Water Exercise Class

    Single Class at

    45 minute class


Aqua Bump - For Pregnancy from 12-42 weeks

  • Membership

    Access these classes as part of a monthly membership

    45 minute Classes

    £38.00 per month (Aqua only Membership)

    £60.00 per month (Platinum Plus Membership)

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