New Pregnancy Exercise Class in Suffolk - Pregnancy Pilates

Trial for 6 weeks STARTS Tuesday 11th July 6.30-7.30pm

Exercising regularly during pregnancy to maintain or even improve your fitness has huge benefits for both you and your baby. My Midwife-led pregnancy Pilates classes, with their focus on the pelvic floor muscles, posture, core strength and pelvic stability, are a great way to help your body cope with the physical changes of pregnancy and build strength for the demands to come.

Regular pregnancy Pilates practice reduces the risk of pelvic girdle pain and low back pain, helps you recover faster postnatally and the health benefits of exercise are also passed onto your baby.

I only teach Pilates exercises which are safe for you and your baby in a pregnancy class. The pace is less intense than a standard Pilates class and the classes are designed around a developing pregnancy, with modifications for different trimesters, so you can work at a level and pace which is comfortable and safe for you.

In our pregnancy Pilates classes, you’ll learn a lot about your own body and how it moves. I’ll teach you different ways to activate your pelvic floor muscles and how to manage the changes in your alignment and posture to prevent pain. You’ll learn exercises to keep your spine moving comfortably, how to strengthen and support your growing bump and movements with a focus on balance and pelvic stability.


Some of the benefits of an Antenatal Pilates class include:

  • Strengthening your pelvic floor, abdominal, buttock and back muscles to support your baby as it grows
  • Maintaining spinal flexibility without straining your joints
  • Better body awareness, posture and balance
  • Learning how to relax and control your breathing in preparation for labour

Trial for 6 weeks STARTS Tuesday 11th July at 6.30-7.30pm

Available location

This session is available at the Outside Studio

Available Options:

New Pregnancy Exercise Class in Suffolk - Pregnancy Pilates

  • This class is a taster course for 6 weeks
    1 hour x6 @ £80:00

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