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Planned Caesarean Support and Recovery Package

3 x 60 minute sessions to help you plan your positive birth experience and ensure a smoother recovery.
One discussion planning session before your caesarean to help support you leading up to and during your operation and two afterwards, involving one massage and one movement.
Preparing for a major operation can feel quite daunting. The decision to have a caesarean section, whether it is your choice, or one made because of reasons to do with your baby, or your medical history or pregnancy health, may mean that this is the first time you have experienced a hospital stay, or even a trip to theatre.

You want to feel like you have done all you can to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the event. There is much you can do to ensure that your experience is positive and your recovery is smooth. After all, you will have a new born to look after, as well as yourself.

Postnatal care following a caesarean section in the hospital setting does not extend past the first 48 hours of having your operation. You will need to put some strategies in place, to ensure that you heal well, and feel up to the tasks of motherhood. This doesn’t mean taking on too much either. Having a support plan in place is part of the restoration planning that we encourage for all mothers undergoing a major operation.

Nina’s 3 session support and recovery package allows you to tailor what you feel will work for you to ensure you remain empowered and positive leading up to the birth, and happy that you are taking control of your postpartum recovery, and reducing and/or minimise the chances of infection, pain, postnatal depression and both physical and emotional trauma.

The first session involves meeting Midwife and women’s health specialist Nina Parnham for a consultation around 4-6 weeks prior to the date of your planned caesarean. (If you have only just found out you are having a caesarean, as long as you are able to book in at least 2 weeks before your operation, you will still achieve positive results.) This session involves how to prepare your body and mind for surgery, to help improve the chances of a smooth birth process and enhanced recovery.

The second session takes place around 8-10 weeks following your operation, and involves a 90 minute soft tissue massage of any areas in your body that feel tight, or restricted to help relieve any tension or negative emotions that were experienced during the surgery. This also allows Nina – who is qualified in scar therapy and postnatal rehabilitation- to assess how your body is healing and give you opportunity to discuss your caesarean.

The third session takes place around 12-14 weeks postnatally and involves a 90 minute gentle movement session, involving exercises, and releases using equipment to support your recovery (foam rollers, trigger/spiky balls/ bands) to help you free scar adhesions and other areas of your body that are restricted due to postural changes and limitations from the scar. You will receive a programme to take home, to continue your movements and releases to help you feel fitter and able to manage mothering tasks more efficiently.

This package gives you 4 hours of one-to-one time with a qualified and practicing Midwife and Specialist soft tissue massage therapist and body worker. It’s a fabulous gift for you to give yourself – or why not ask for vouchers from loved ones?

Nina’s holistic approach package enables you to take control of the decision to have surgery, and lead you towards a more positive, happy and memorable time.

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This session is available at the Washbrook Centre

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Planned Caesarean Support and Recovery Package

  • Pay in Full Package

    Duration – session one 60 minutes, session two 90 minutes, session three 90 minutes


Planned Caesarean Support and Recovery Package

  • Pay in Instalments Package

    Duration – session one 60 minutes, session two 90 minutes, session three 90 minutes

    £80.00 per month x 3 (£240.00 total)

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