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Diastasis Recti - Understanding how to restore your tummy Workshop

Diastasis Recti, the gap caused by stretched tissues at the middle of your tummy it not just about your six-pack muscles. It is described as a stretching, weakening dysfunction of the entire front and side abdominal wall that also has the potential to have knock-on effect to the other ‘core’ elements such as the diaphragm, the pelvic floor muscles, organs and the lower back.

The main goal in the acute phase of any injury is to help preserve the injured tissues and prevent things from getting worse. We back off temporarily and allow the body to do its thing and go through the natural process of healing.

During the next phase, we re-introduce movement and exercises at a gradual pace whilst respecting where the body is at in the healing continuum.

The most single important factor for a healthy return to your baseline status is re-introduction of movement, that was the tissues can be strengthened built up and become prepared for the demands that will soon be placed on them, demands that the tissues were accustomed to before the injury occurred

This needs to be done considerately so that the muscles and connective tissue of the abdomen and other parts of the entire core improve and not worsen.

Diastasis is defined by Woman’s Wellness Educator Jenny Burrell as:

‘The abdominal wall is part of the entire core, and all components need to functioning optimally (muscles, tendons, fascia, bones, nerves, blood supply, skin) for the core to do its primary jobs of withstanding pressure/transferring load created by movement and providing a strong foundation for movement at the ‘outer unit’ – the arms and legs.

Any gap or level of dysfunction in the abdominal wall isn’t optimal as it means that the capacity to withstand pressure and transfer weight and types of movement will not be 100%. The bigger the gap and the laxer the abdominal wall (not just only at the midline), the greater the potential for dysfunction. The lack ability to transfer weight at the abdominal wall can also go together with a leaky pelvic floor and incontinence issues especially in the woman who has given birth. ‘

How long does diastasis recovery take? Answer: How long is a piece of string!? Every woman is an individual, her age, genetics, size of the stretch during pregnancy, nutrition, hydration, stress levels and hormonal profile will all have an effect of her healing.

What you will learn from our workshop:

  • Why diastasis occurs and factors that can increase the degree of separation
  • What your tummy is made up of and why it takes time to heal
  • What issues occur as a result of abdominal separation
  • Factors that can make diastasis worse postnatally and beyond
  • Why bowel and bladder habits also matter when it comes to diastasis recovery
  • Why we need to understand how our whole core works, to ensure we can connect ourselves back to the entire unit
  • The key principles to recovering your abdominal separation
  • A simple exercise routine to help support your core recovery
  • You will realise that your journey back to a better belly post birth and beyond isn’t about doing sit-ups at all!


how to do a diastasis tummy check

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Diastasis Recti - Understanding how to restore your tummy Workshop

  • Diastasis Recti – Understanding how to restore your tummy Workshop

    Duration: 2 hours

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