Holistic Core Restore®

Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis

If you’ve had a baby, no matter how long ago and you have abdominal separation – also known as Diastasis Recti –or feel disconnected to your Core and/or Pelvic Floor then Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis is the healing programme you’ve been waiting for. If you are unsure whether you have a diastasis then click here for my YouTube video: https://youtu.be/LhumXjdtKBI

A BESPOKE programme grounded by a hands-on assessment, soft-tissue and massage therapy and clear direction on ESSENTIAL healing nutrition, clear instructions on helpful lifestyle choices and most importantly a safe,  ’functional’ and modern movement and exercise programme that will help you heal your Diastasis, improve your Core function and guarantee you a better looking belly and a Pelvic Floor that does its job.

Healing a Diastasis Recti is a WHOLE BODY ISSUE, it’s not just about exercise, it’s not just about the woman’s belly and it’s not just about the gap! A deep assessment is required to start with then a programme that focusses on nutrition for healing, the woman’s breathing strategy and postural alignment, all need to be considered BEFORE we apply exercise and load.

Improve your belly, rid yourself of back pain, reconnect to your Pelvic Floor so that you both FEEL and FUNCTION better. Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis consists of 6 one to one sessions, involving releasing tight muscles, improving posture, and movement to help reduce your abdominal separation and increase tension in the tissues. You will be given a prescription homework program and sent a recording of the exercises, so you can follow the recommendations and exercises at home.

Any Additional Notes:

6-week programme – sessions last 60 minutes

Flexible weekday start dates

Equipment, Information Booklet and Goal Setting Workbook All Included

Held at Suffolk Woman’s Wellness Centre’s private studio.

how to do a diastasis tummy check
Time/s or details:

Available on booking

Available location

This session is available at the Washbrook Centre

Available Options:

Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis

  • Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis One-To-One Package

    Single Payment


Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis

  • Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis One-To-One Package

    Pay in Installments

    £87.50 per month for 4 months (£350.00 total)

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