MenoLIIT is a Low intensity Interval Training class perfect for women.

MenoLIIT fitness is specifically designed to enable women to either begin or continue their fitness journey using an approach that is fun and respects your individual needs. During this time in our lives, it’s important to listen to our bodies, acknowledge our strengths and our weaknesses, and feel into our personal energy. We use techniques to stabilise our core, strengthen our pelvic floor, tone our stomach, arms and legs, whilst connecting to our bodies with kindness and love.

Resistance training exercises are shown to be one of the most effective methods to support women in peri-menopause and beyond. This class combines acuity drills for brain health, resistance training to help the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons to stay healthy and strong and tempo exercises to support cardiovascular health.

It is as important to address the very individual needs of women as we approach and go through the Menopause years. Whether you are 35 and entering menopause early, or post menopause, then we need to adjust our exercises to respect the areas that have softened. Bringing awareness to our Pelvic Floor or connecting our core with our breathing becomes important to maintain an equilibrium in our bodies and stop us from feeling depleted. It’s not about training harder to get fit, it’s about training mindfully with respect to how you are feeling each day.

Many women stop exercising as we focus our energy on other priorities. Over time, we pick-up knee, hip, shoulder or back issues. We may gain some weight, develop a hormonal tummy and lose all the strength in our pelvic floor, wrists and arms. As time passes, we can develop a lack of motivation and start to feel uncomfortable about going to a gym or having to ‘compete’ with others as we exercise.

These transformational classes work at your pace and to your ability. By connecting with the body, the sessions are designed to support your heart, bone and brain health, reducing stress, improving strength, enabling you to heal, and enjoy the process of rehabilitating your body.

A targeted class to support women over 35 to lead to life they want to live.

Any Additional Notes:

femle athlete doing squats with a resistance band
Time/s or details:

Wednesday 6.30 pm

45 minutes

Available location

This session is available at the Outside Studio

Available Options:


  • MenoLIIT – Low intensity Interval Training for Women

    Single Taster Session

    Duration: 45 minute class



  • MenoLIIT – Low intensity Interval Training

    This session can be accessed as part of a membership package.

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