Self-Care Mini Retreat for Women ~ Autumn

2 hours of rest, relaxation and unwinding of your body and mind for women at our Autumn Self-care Mini Retreat in Suffolk

Do you feel like you need to deeply rest, but can not find the time, opportunity, head space, place or motivation to give yourself what you need?

Look no further my wonderful woman, I have created a space and time where you can come and top up your tank!

Women are constantly on the go. Their brains full of tasks they need to do and physically they are continually challenged by the demands of running a home, looking after the children/family/elderly parents, and often managing work too.

Continually overloading yourself without a break to take time out and restore can lead to poor adrenal function leading to brain fog, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed and a reduced ability to handle stress. If this sounds like you, then you need a break! This 2 hour mini retreat is a perfect way to revive, feel more present, and help to bring you a sense of clarity and calmness.

This Autumn, my mini retreat will focus on movement, emotional awareness and essential oil support to bring balance to mind and body.

Emotions such as Anxiety, Stress, Grief and Anger can be eased naturally by using Essential oils and blends for Emotional Aromatherapy

Many people these days suffer from stress and emotional imbalances such as anxiety or anger. Sleep issues and other problems can be the consequence. Above all, it can lead to physical health problems and negatively impact people’s lives. In severe cases, many seek professional help from counsellors and psychotherapists.

How does Emotional Aromatherapy work?

Smelling and inhaling essential oils and oil blends stimulate the so-called limbic system in the brain. And depending on the plant, they have a relaxing, invigorating, refreshing or clarifying effect on mind and psyche.

I shall be teaching you what oils to use for the emotion that commonly comes up for you, and you will be making your own personalised 10ml roller ball blend to take home with you! I use high grade quality oils and a base oil of coconut oil will be used. If you are allergic please let me know at the time of booking, and I can replace with sunflower oil as a base.

We shall then carry out some delicious movements and releases to help let go of old patterns of tension and finish with a guided relaxation, herbal tea and a bliss ball and reflections.

“Women have to care about their bodies and what they put in them. We have to take the time to focus on our mental health – take time for self, for the spiritual, without feeling guilty or selfish. The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself.” Beyonce.

Saturday November 4th 3-5pm at @The Outside Studio , Copdock IP8 3JD – THIS DATE IS SOLD OUT!

Plenty of free parking using the back carpark of the Best Western Hotel. The studio is situated in lovely relaxing countryside surroundings.

2 hours of rest, relaxation and unwinding of your body and mind.

Refreshments included.

£38 per person

Saturday 4th November 3-5pm

Available location

This retreat is taking place at Burstall Village Hall

Burstall Village Hall in Ipswich location image

Available Options:

Self-Care Mini Retreat for Women ~ Autumn

  • Self-Care Mini Retreat for Women

    Duration: 2 hours


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