Are you a woman who loves fitness, wants to keep healthy and active regularly to maintain wellness or improve current fitness levels?
Do you thrive on social contact with other women who have similar interests in looking after their health and wellness?
Do you love working out with an instructor who cares about you and creates classes that are functional, challenging and fun?

If any or all of these apply to you, then I am pleased to offer you a variety of options for your commitment to your fitness!

Available Choices


£ 15
per month
  • Access to pre-recorded class content

Aqua Only

£ 38
per month
  • Please only subscribe from 1st September as you will be billed monthly from the date you sign up
  • Access to Aqua classes only
FROM 1st


£ 45
per month
  • Attend any time-tabled class live in person (EXCLUDING AQUA SESSIONS)
  • Have all our pre-recordings of classes available on demand

Platinum Plus

£ 60
per month
  • Attend any time-tabled class live in person INCLUDING AQUA SESSIONS
  • Have all our pre-recordings of classes available on demand

Membership FAQs

  • A monthly membership scheme is required to access our exercise and wellness classes. The membership schemes are recommended so that you benefit from consistent fitness and health, are continually motivated to attend, and feel part of a friendly, sociable community.
  • You pay for a monthly membership package through our secure Direct Debit payment system powered by our Membership Portal.
  • Memberships are monthly subscriptions that will continue to roll over month by month unless cancelled.  Funds will be taken from your bank account on the same date every month (the date you signed up).
  • You will start payments the day you set up your membership, so please don’t sign up until you know there is a space available in the live classes by emailing first If you do sign up before a space is available, you will be paying for classes you are unable to attend, and this will not be refunded back to you, nor carried over to when a space becomes available.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time by cancelling your Direct Debit by updating your account within the membership portal, and no more payments will be taken.
  • You can swap to another membership option at any time by upgrading or downgrading your subscription.
  • Ladies may book a taster session to try out the class either live or online for a single class charge, subject to availability.

To join any membership you click the ‘BECOME A MEMBER’ button beneath the relevant membership which will take you to the sign up section for the Membership site. Payment can be made via card through Stripe.

Our site is secure (look for the solid padlock next to the web browser’s address bar) and all payment details go straight to the payment service powered by Stripe. We do not hold any card or account details.

Yes, you can, your monthly membership will begin whenever you wish to join. Please make sure there is space in classes by emailing before you start your membership payments.

You just need the one drive app, which is installed in minutes to any device you will be watching the class from. Get a OneDrive Download | Microsoft OneDrive App

We use booking system Acuity Scheduling for all our classes. You can visit our class timetable HERE. You receive a unique code when you sign up and this is used when booking in your live classes.

No, you can attend as many weekly classes live in the studio as you wish. Due to the size of the studio, live participants are limited to 12, so you need to ensure you have booked your weekly class, or it may become fully booked. You are only permitted to book for your weekly classes a week ahead. For example, if you booked Bootybarre on Monday evening, please only book the following weeks class after your session finishes, just like the same system operates in the gym. Don’t book up weeks or months ahead or these sessions will be cancelled. You must cancel if you will not be attending, to allow others to join. Frequent non-attenders (more than 3 classes) who do not cancel their pre-booked space and inform the instructor, will have to email for permission to access any future classes.

To access any class you will need to sign up to the relevant membership package through our booking page above using the ‘Become a Member’ buttons.

Once you have registered and set up your log in account and/or purchased your preferred membership option, you will be able to use the online bookings system to book onto each class you wish to attend.

  • Once you have booked your session, you will be emailed a confirmation email that has a pre-screen attached, you only need to complete this once, or whenever your health circumstances change. 
  • I will add you to my members What’s app group where the links to classes will be posted. By signing up for membership you consent to be added the Suffolk Woman’s Wellness What’s App group for classes where we build on our group class connection.
  • Please ensure you save us in your address book, or the emails may end up in your trash inbox.
  • As a collaborative I feel women have a deep desire to show up, have meaningful workouts with each other feel a connection whether in person or online. We aim to create a safe environment for women to have fun and be accountable for their health, so they enjoy their lives more. You may delete yourself from this group if you do not wish to participate, without judgement 😊

You can also pay as you go for live in studio and online options, Classes vary in price according to the length of the session. If you wish to purchase a class but would prefer to do on demand, please let me know and I can send you a link that is valid for one week.

The following are recommended links for kit that we use in classes and recommend you bring with you to the studio. We use kit in classes to improve the quality and effectiveness of your workouts and it adds variety and fun to your classes. We recommend your own kits containing mini balls, spiky balls, bands and light hands weights are brought to each session please, as limited equipment will be available for those who are attending as a single class session (non-members).

Used Regularly

Resistance Band 1.5 metres

Mini Loop Band

Light Hand weights 1kg

Light Hand weights 1.5kg

Spiky ball for feet

Wobble Board

Stability Ball

Activation Band

Thick Yoga mat (good for knees) 10mm

Normal Yoga mat 5mm

Pilates Ball

Weighted Pilates balls 0.5kg

Weighted Pilates balls 1kg


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