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Caesarean Scar Massage

Massage techniques are used to help improve movement and function following major surgery and help reduce scar pain and ‘dragging’ feelings caused by ‘stuck’ scar tissue.

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Who is a Caesarean Scar Massage for?

Do any of the following sound familiar after your C-Section?


Tightness and pain after C-Section?

Do you feel tightness, restriction or a ‘pulling’ sensation on or around your scar? Do you experience pain on or around your scar?


Feeling disconnected after C-Section?

Do you feel disconnected with your scar or the area of tummy between your scar and you belly button?


Having numbness after C-Section?

Do you experience numbness or tingling in and around the C-Section scar area?

Finding it hard to touch your tummy and scar following C-Section?

Have you had a traumatic delivery or post-natal period or you just feel squeamish about your scar?

Why are you feeling this/these symptoms after C-Section?

C-sections can have a largely unseen affect on our bodies. After having this major surgery your body reacts by healing the site of the incision with scar tissue which is a cement like tissue to prevent the wound from re-opening. This is great for the incision site but not so great for the surrounding tissues such as muscles and organs.

The affect of this scar tissue can create adhesions which basically means they stick themselves to everything they can.

If left untreated it can affect your breathing, your bowel movements, your pelvic floor function to name but a few.

How can scar massage help C-Section scars?

Nina takes he following steps are taken during the process of a massage for C-Section:


Once your C-section scar has fully healed, we can assess your scar and your abdominal wall as well as your breathing to see where your C-section scar may be affecting you.


We then use our unique combination of Scar massage, Instrument Assisted Massage, negative pressure massage and heat therapy, combined with remedial massage to other areas of the body that need support, along with breathing/pelvic floor exercises to help you feel better and for your body to function properly.


We teach you massage techniques you can use yourself after you leave and other techniques to support your recovery, to maximise your healing.

What is the suggested course of C-Section massage treatments?

If you have a new scar (less than 6 months old – you can come as early as 6 weeks post op with scar that has healed externally), then it is recommended to come fortnightly for 4 sessions (90 minute session followed by 3x 60 minutes) and then monthly for 2 sessions and then be reviewed at 12,18 and 24 months. If you are happy with your scar at any time you can choose when the therapy finishes. This is of course an optimal course of treatments, please do not feel you have to be this prescriptive.

If your scar is mature (over 2 years old) you would benefit from coming monthly for 4 sessions (90 minute session followed by 3x 60 minutes, then every two months for two sessions and then we can decide if  further sessions are recommended after that. Again, you can decide how you feel during the sessions, and if you are making good progress, then you may not need as many sessions.

Image of woman's body with her hands pointing to her Casearean Scar
Available location

This session is available at the Washbrook Centre

The Outside Studio in Washbrook is the location in Ipswich where Nina Parnham teaches fitness classes and gives treatments.

Available Options:

Caesarean Scar Massage

  • Single Abdominal Scar Massage Treatment

    Single session

    Duration: 60 minutes


Caesarean Scar Massage

  • Single Abdominal Scar Massage Treatment

    Single session

    Duration: 90 minutes


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