Casearean Scar Massage

Massage techniques are used to help improve movement and function following major surgery and help reduce scar pain and ‘dragging’ feelings caused by ‘stuck’ scar tissue. This massages addresses not only the scar but surrounding tissues that maybe impacting the movements and sensations in and around the scar tissues.

Because scars can look nice and neat on the surface, we don’t consider the irregularly patched layers underneath that form scar tissue, strengthening the vulnerable area, but also exerting a three-dimensional pull inside your body.

This scar tissue becomes an internal adhesion that can bind together formerly separate structures in your body and can reach far away from the site of the scar.

After surgery, scar releases through massage and mobilisation techniques can continue to restore the incision area and the layers beneath for optimum recovery and function.

All scars need this type of treatment to reduce the risk of adhesions building up and causing long term concerns. This treatment is recommended from as early as 10 weeks post operation, as long as the area is healed and there are no scabs, open areas, or signs of infection.

Non-surgical adhesions can be caused by the daily life causes of repetitive movement or repetitive stress (think of sitting at your desk all day without much movement, or repeatedly lifting and moving heavy loads). Dehydration (even mild, chronic dehydration) can lead to non-surgical adhesions for some people, especially when coupled with repetitive stress or movement.

Image of woman's body with her hands pointing to her Casearean Scar
Available location

This session is available at the Washbrook Centre

Available Options:

Casearean Scar Massage

  • Casearean Scar Massage

    Single Session

    Duration: 90 minutes


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