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Pregnancy Massage Therapy - Support with discomfort

Enabling you to have some self-care, assist in any pregnancy niggles such as backache and hip pain and swelling and prepare for your new arrival.


Who is this pregnancy massage therapy for?

The perfect treat for any Mama.

Finding time to relax in pregnancy is invaluable and essential to both mother and baby’s wellbeing.

This special time can help give a woman time to focus on the miracle she is making and nurture the bond she is developing with her unborn baby.


What pregnancy discomfort can the pregnancy massage help with?

Pregnant ladies may experience backache, neck and shoulder pain, pelvic pain, swelling in their legs and ankles, carpal tunnel syndrome in their wrists, and insomnia.

There is a lot of pre birth preparation needed for the baby’s arrival but equally, a mother needs to prepare her own body for her forthcoming birth experience, and massage can assist in this.


How can a pregnancy massage help me to prepare for birth?

Taking time out for a pregnancy massage not only helps to ground you, it can help you bond with your baby, as you are able to fully focus on the baby’s arrival and enjoy the remaining time you are nurturing and growing your little one.

Massage is good for baby too. During your pregnancy massage, you release hormones as a result of skin stimulation, which brings about relaxation and calmness so your baby will feel more chilled out aswell.


What makes this pregnancy massage treatment different than others?

Nina tailors the pregnancy treatment to your specific needs, whether it be for relaxation, targeting back pain or tightness in your shoulders, helping with constipation, stress or swelling.

nina parnham is giving a pregnant woman a specialit massage
Available location

This session is available at the Washbrook Centre

The Outside Studio in Washbrook is the location in Ipswich where Nina Parnham teaches fitness classes and gives treatments.

Available Options:

Pregnancy Massage Therapy - Support with discomfort

  • Single Pregnancy Massage Therapy – Support with discomfort 

    Single Session

    Duration: 60 minutes


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