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You can pre-purchase some vouchers to use on Nina’s services further down the line, or how about getting a voucher for a special loved one?

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Whether it’s for Christmas, a special occasion, or just to show someone you care, our gift vouchers are the perfect way to offer the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation. With options to choose from specific treatments or select a monetary amount, our vouchers cater to everyone’s needs. Delight your loved ones with the freedom to choose their preferred service, be it a soothing massage, fitness training, or any of our bespoke wellness treatments.

All our services are designed to nourish the body and soul, making our vouchers a thoughtful and cherished gift all year round. Unlock the door to tranquility and wellbeing with Nina Parnham’s gift vouchers – the ultimate present for any occasion!

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We offer some nutrition information packed guides for preconception, pregancy and the postnatal period, along with a massage care pack that you can work through yourself.

Nourish and Nurture Series 3 - Postnatal Nutrition Plan

The three months following birth are known as the ‘fourth-trimester’ period. It’s important that you eat well during this time. It will enable you to recover well from birth, help to restore your hormonal imbalances and replenish diminished nutrient stores. You may be tempted to pay more attention to your baby’s wellbeing than your own, but the two are inextricably linked and your baby needs a strong and healthy mother.During your fourth trimester, your hormones are hard at work helping every cell and organ in your body to return to their pre-pregnancy state, and the fluctuating levels may leave you feeling vulnerable and fatigued. The most incredible physical changes have also taken place in your body; you have been through a remarkable transformation for nine months, culminating in the powerful experience of birth. Now your body needs nurturing and nourishment to return to its previous condition. Healing after childbirth can take up to twenty-four months, but it is the first three months we focus on, as starting a woman’s restorative journey immediately after birth is vital to secure health for the longer term.We would like to share some simple nutritional tips with you to maintain health, happiness and positivity in your fourth trimester and beyond. Nourishing your body is an important means to enable you to start loving motherhood to the fullest. Although feeding yourself may be the last thing on your to-do list, eating healthy food, having regular meals and snacks and keeping well hydrated can boost your energy levels and mood, so it is well worth the investment.It is still crucial to continue eating in a way that supports your blood sugar balance. Maintenance of your blood sugar balance has been shown to support postnatal mood. Anxiety and depression can be exacerbated when our blood sugar levels become unstable.

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