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CORE Touch Therapy

There can be many factors that make many of us feel unsafe in our world, and this becomes a guideline for why many of us behave the way we do. Whether we’re still nursing ourselves from the past’s abuses, whether we worry about the future, whether we can’t seem to find happiness in the present, or whether we just never have learned to feel safe, what do we do to create safety for ourselves?

Some choose hoarding behaviours. We all hope to surround ourselves with ‘things’ that make us feel comfortable.


What makes you feel safe?

  • Is it a healthy bank account? A healthy relationship? Knowing that your family is there for you no matter what happens in your world?
  • Is it remembering to take care of your body, learn to breathe more deeply and fully, to move more of the time?
  • Is it turning off the news and isolating from the rest of the world?
  • How do you create safety for yourself in a world that can feel unsafe?


How can CORE Touch Therapy help me?

CORE Touch therapy helps those to create safety through releasing patterns of tension, unwinding fascial restrictions and holding of old trauma — physical, mental, emotional, chemical and energetic.

I believe any old trauma can be stored in the body and inhibit freedom and movement, causing pain, illness, and further lack of movement.

As I work with you, I partner with you to create freedom, movement, breath, and health in all systems. The treatment involves you being an active participant and working with your breathing and my direction to coax order and restore ease – and there you have peace in your ‘CORE’.

Available location

This session is available at the Washbrook Centre

The Outside Studio in Washbrook is the location in Ipswich where Nina Parnham teaches fitness classes and gives treatments.

Available Options:

CORE Touch Therapy

  • CORE Touch Therapy

    Duration: 60 minutes


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