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Postnatal Bliss Massage

After baby is born you have a busy time in caring for your baby. Often, new mums forget that their body is still undergoing huge adaptations in posture, circulation and weight to name a few, and since the focus shifted to baby, there is little thought to the needs of your recovering body.

Mums still experience muscular aches, tiredness and emotional highs and lows and so it’s essential that you find time for yourself, to help in the recovery process.


How can a post natal massage help me after being pregnant?

Post natal massage is excellent for assisting in relaxation, reducing the release of stress hormones, core control and activation and restoration of posture and alignment from top to toe.

Working on muscle and connective tissue will help to reduce incidences of pain and discomfort that is commonly experienced due to posture post birth and feeding and carrying positions. Massage is magical in helping you recover.


Who is post natal massage good for?

Massage therapy is also recommended for ladies who have experienced a caesarean section/ hysterectomy or other abdominal surgery (such as laparoscopy) as your scar can be focused on too.


Anything I should know before my postnatal Bliss Massage?

In order for me to be able to provide the best experience and for you to be able to fully benefit from your treatment, you should ensure that there is someone that can look after your little one away from the treatment area. If this is not possible, you are welcome to bring your baby. Massage can be carried out whilst breastfeeding if necessary.


How soon can I have a postnatal massage after giving birth?

I can provide this treatment from as early as 10 days postnatal.

Available location

This session is available at the Washbrook Centre

The Outside Studio in Washbrook is the location in Ipswich where Nina Parnham teaches fitness classes and gives treatments.

Available Options:

Postnatal Bliss Massage

  • Single Postnatal Bliss Massage

    Duration: 1 hour


Postnatal Bliss Massage

  • Gift Voucher Postnatal Bliss Massage

    Duration: 1 hour


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