Using integrative approaches to mind/body health and lifestyle for women who are passionate about creating a focused, preventative anti-ageing lifestyle based on sound, natural and holistic principles in Suffolk

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Through a holistic, science-based approach to wellness, I seek to help women with a preventative, natural form of ‘health care’ by focusing on the foundations of what our very health is built upon. 

Supporting women through education, nutrition, movement, massage and mindset, giving women the opportunity to be in control of their body and feeling good in it.

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Hello and welcome. I am so happy you stopped by. My name is Nina Parnham and I am passionate about women’s health and sharing what I know with others.

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I recently had a neck, shoulder and back massage from Nina. I have to say, it is the best massage I have ever had! Her studio is very relaxing and tranquil. I can’t recommend Nina highly enough, absolutely amazing.
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I have had a beautiful mizan treatment from Nina and she makes you feel at ease and supported throughout the whole treatment. She is also a font of midwifery and physiology knowledge! Highly recommended
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Cannot recommend Nina enough, I’ve so far visited her for a mummy MOT and a soft tissue massage working on areas of specific concern and wow the massage was the best treatment I’ve ever had and it worked wonders. Nina is so knowledgeable, the information she can tell you empowers you to know how to help your body in so many ways. I am very grateful and thankful to have met Nina and look forward to my next treatment with her.
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I had a full body pregnancy massage with Nina yesterday and it’s the best massage I’ve ever had. Pregnant or not go and see this amazing woman! It felt like Nina knew my body and was incredibly informative and considerate throughout. I slept well for the first time in months! Thank you so much.
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Nina is amazing. She is knowledgeable, caring and passionate about women’s health. I first saw her for a Mummy MOT and from then I was hooked. I am now a platinum member to her fitness platform and see her regularly for rehabilitative massage. Nina gives excellent instructions during her classes, particularly regarding your breath, each class is different, the tunes are great and Nina is hilarious. With Nina, I know I am in safe hands and that is something I have been looking for for a very long time. Go and see her - she will only make your life better!
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Have been to see Nina a couple of times now and she is amazing. Listens provides great advice and as someone with two past c sections has hugely helped me understand my body and my scar. Would highly recommend nina. Thank you Nina ❤️
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I went to see Nina for help with adhesion pain in the pelvic area. I hoped she could provide some tips and I got so much more. The care, skill, and knowledge was amazing and I can't wait to go back for more treatments. I felt so much lighter and positive after and have been using techniques learned. Thank you so much Nina! I would absolutely recommend Suffolk Womans Wellness.
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Went to see Nina after the loss of our baby via the baby bereavement fund. I had met her previously through my first pregnancy so knew she was a lovely person and offered incredible massages. She spent time talking to me and what I wanted to get out of the session. The time flew by. Didn’t realise how much tension I was holding my body through the grief. She instantly was able to pick up on issues throughout my body. Thank you for a good experience after a bad year.
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Nina is wonderful. I have had a mummy MOT, done her core restore class and am due for a massage soon. She has really helped me expand my knowledge around my body and how to improve post natal recovery! Highly recommend her services. Thanks Nina Xxx 
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I have recently completed the 12 week holistic core restore course with Nina, I’ve really enjoyed it and gained great results. Nina has a wealth of knowledge which she passes on and I have learnt so much about my body post labour and what can help my recovery. I have also had a scar massage with Nina which I highly recommend.
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I can’t recommend Nina enough! I had resigned myself to living with discomfort & pain for over 8 years following two less than straight forward c-sections as no one seemed to have any answers. I’d followed Nina’s page for a long time but never made the move to go and see her. I saw posts about scar therapy massage and decided to book a block of three. Little did I realise that Nina offers far more than just a targeted massage. In session one she picked up on all sorts of related issues with my body, things I’d never have thought to mention. After session one I was a little sore but could see some improvement. Session 2 was where I felt things really started to change and I woke up the next day with my body feeling amazing! Needless to say session 3 was the same. Nina has given me much guidance on self care so it’s not just a case of going along for a treatment and that’s it! I now plan to see her for ‘maintenance’ and to check in with how my body is doing rather than waiting for a problem to arise. You need to go and see Nina to fully understand the scope of what she does so if you are in any doubt just book that appointment! I will also add she she is absolutely lovely and totally puts you at ease 😊. I just wish I’d made the decision to go sooner!
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Following two C-sections and some significant pregnancy weight gain (!) I first saw Nina for a Mummy MOT in November 2019 when baby number 2 was 3 months old, immediately she was able to give me advice that started to change the way I moved, ate, breathed and thought about my health and how much I wanted to return to some sort of normality. In January I started a post-natal HCR class with 8 other mums and babies. This was brilliant and gave me the tools and motivation to really start to get in shape. 5 months later and 3 stone lighter I have just finished an online version of HEAT via zoom. I can't recommend Nina highly enough she is so knowledgable and her experience as a mum and midwife in addition to all she knows about post-natal health and exercise makes her perfectly placed to support women through their post-natal recovery. I have loved the work I have done with Nina so much - Thank you!!! 
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After having my first child I never made the time to do any sort of fitness. I thought I didn't have the time. I had aches & pains, and never felt like my body would get back to what it was pre children. When my second child was 3 months I decided I was fed up with never feeling good or being happy with my body so I signed up to the 12 week core restore course. I loved the gentle introduction which was gradually stepped up each week. Being someone who has always felt too self conscious to do fitness classes I felt comfortable that everyone was starting at the same point & Nina has a great way of making everyone feel at ease. She will always adapt any movements to meet an individuals capability. I really enjoyed the mix of fitness, diet & lifestyle advice & the online support. By the end of the course I was fitter, slimmer & healthier than I had been for perhaps a decade. Having this one hour a week to myself to concentrate on my well being really made a difference. I continued onto the heat class which really helps to keep me strong, supple & toned! I will be following Nina to see if there is a next stage for me to continue on my  wellness journey xx

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